New Park Equipment Added in Lake Lillian

We are thrilled to announce that this past summer, new park equipment was added to the Lake Lillian City Park, that is specific to kids ages 0-5.

The new park equipment includes:

  • A two seat buck-a-bout (like a teeter totter but they just bounce instead of going way up and down)
  • A triple shoot which kind of like a basketball hoop only its for little kids and has three “hoops”
  • A park bench as right now there is only one bench in the playground area.

Each city of Bird Island, Olivia, and Lake Lillian have the opportunity to be awarded a $2000 (must be matched) grant to upgrade or buy new playground equipment for their community. Lake Lillian has matched the grant, and we anticipate that Bird Island and Olivia will take advantage of these matching grant funds for playground equipment in 2014.

Take a look at the fun new playground equipment below!

100_3233 100_3237 100_3238 100_3239 100_3241
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