Local Banks Challenge BOLD ECI to raise $3200 on Give to the Max Day!

Thank you from the BOLD ECIThe BOLD Early Childhood Initiative is gearing up for Give to the Max Day on November 14, 2013.  This is an awesome day for non-profits like us to raise funds for our cause, and build awareness on why the Bold ECI is so important to our community.

We are THRILLED to have four generous local banks donate a total of $1600!  So now our goal is to raise the challenge amount of $1600 for a total of $3200 for early childhood in the Bird Island, Olivia, Lake Lillian areas!

Thank you to these amazing local banks!

We appreciate their commitment to helping local families and our community financially through the BOLD ECI.

Be sure to tell these banks “THANK YOU” for their generous donations, next time your are there!

Want to help us reach our goal?  Make a donation on November 1-14th on the Give to the Max Website!